What is a brand? Everything you need to know 

 June 12, 2020

By  Lou Marx

What is a brand? It’s a question I get asked all the time. And if you google it, you’ll probably end up more confused than you were to begin with.

This is because there are a whole host of definitions depending on who you speak to.

For example, a graphic designer might tell you that a brand is a logo.

Or to a copywriter, it might be your tagline.

For this reason, it’s easier to tell you what a brand ISN’T before I go into what a brand really is.

What a brand is not

A brand is not…

  • A name
  • A logo
  • Signage
  • A tagline
  • A website
  • A trademark
  • Fronts, colours, images or style guides
  • Broachers or marketing materials
  • Advertising

So then, what is a brand?

A brand is the multi-level sensory experience a company has with its customers and its people.

It is everything from how a company looks and feels, to its positioning and purpose and personality.

It’s made up of values, and culture, and promises.

It’s expressed through products and services.

It’s strategic operations.

It’s a story, a message and a voice.

It’s communications and marketing.

It’s an entity of streamline sensory points that articulate value.

Your company is the body, and your brand is the soul. 

How to bring your brand to life

To bring a brand to life you have to look at your business holistically to develop deep and long-standing connections with your ideal audience, through strong brand experiences that bring the heart of your business into the hearts and minds of customers.

To do this, we assess the following three pillars.

Brand strategy

A brand strategy is a strategic management tool that guides every aspect of your business from internal operations to external communications. It’s comprised of four main parts: Brand Positioning – the expression of your company’s role in the market. Brand Architecture – the logic, the emotion and the most strategic parts of your brand identified. Brand Messaging – your company’s core communication themes. And lastly Brand Activation – the clear action steps required to bring your brand to life.

Brand identity

Your brand bought to life from a multi-level sensory and experiential point of view. This is everything the eye can see, the ear can hear, the hand can touch, the mouth can taste, and the heart can feel. It’s about looking at all aspects of the brand from your logo, to your website, signage and everything in between.

Your brand is an identity of streamline sensory points that articulate your company’s value, and bringing that together as a cohesive, integrated experience is at the core of a strong brand.

Brand marketing

This is how your brand communicates its value. We find that businesses have the most success with this when they humanise their brand with authentic content and communications that builds deep and long-lasting connections with customers and audiences.

This is achieved through clever storytelling, creative design and marketing techniques that make customers feel like they can trust your brand, and that ultimately, you’re here to help them resolves the deep-rooted emotional issues, challenges or benefits they seek in a way that’s aligned with their values and personal identity. 

There are many different ways a customer or a prospect can access your brand so it’s important to have clear and consistent messaging across the board for maximum brand exposure and impact. 

Building the multi-level sensory brand experience

Having a strong brand is integral to the long-term success of any business. But sometimes it is hard to know where to begin.

Do I start on my website, or my advertising? But how do I get my message right?

There are proven formulas to help you build a strong brand and for a limited time, we’re helping businesses get started with a FREE Brand Breakthrough session.

A Brand Breakthrough session is an opportunity to speak to one of our qualified and experienced brand strategists to assess where your brand can gain even more traction, growth and momentum in the marketplace.

This is where we lay out the foundation of your brand’s multi-level sensory experience.

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Lou Marx

Lou Marx is a storyteller at heart.

Her purpose is to create, build, promote and spread messages that connect and awaken.

Lou Marx

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